Bright Ideas Boot Camp

for Bootstrappers

This “Bright Ideas Boot Camp – for Bootstrappers” series will take you through 10 basic steps to starting your own successful business with activities to help you think through different areas of a business and learn how to make good, sound decisions.


The TyRex Learning Foundation’s Bright Ideas Boot Camp is an entrepreneurial development program for students (K-12) that features 3D printing. Its goal is to help students cultivate their ideas and illuminate the path for taking those ideas into the real business world. The program strives to take students on a journey from inspiration to commercialization.


The “maker” culture is a great way to inspire learning – hands-on learning fosters creativity, and creativity leads to amazing, sometimes world-changing bright ideas. Making is human nature, and it fuels engagement, curiosity, and innovation unlike any textbook or traditional classroom. But once we know how to make, how do we make change?


A great way to take your maker talents and make a change is by starting your own successful business. Those who start their own businesses are called “entrepreneurs.” Entrepreneurs are vitally important to the world we all share, but starting your own successful business is anything but simple. Our “Bright Ideas Boot Camp – for 3D Designers” series will teach you the basics of 3D design from beginner level to an intermediate level, allowing you to give your Bright Ideas life!

#1: Create an IDEA

#2: MAKE a Plan

#3: CHECK the Resources

#4: SET Your Goals

#5: FIND a Team

#6: ANALYZE Your Market

#7: MARKET Your Idea

#8: ENGAGE Your Community

#9: ASK for Advice

#10: MOVE Forward